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5 Essentials Tools for Online Shopping

There are 5 critical things you need to prepare yourself before diving into the digital world of online shopping. These 5 things will help you stay focused and allows you find exactly what you are looking for in the shortest amount of time and at the right price.

1. Slice
An app that automatically picks up tracking numbers in your email whenever you buy something. The app alerts you when a price has dropped after you bought something and will help you refund your purchase. It also tells you when anything you’ve bough is recalled to keep you safe. Finally it allows for easy access to your receipts in case you want to return a purchase.

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2. PriceGrabber
PriceGrabber is one example of many of an app that lets you search online stores for deals and lets you compare prices of similar products. This app will ensure that you are finding the least expensive option. It’s simple and easy!

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3. A full battery and good internet connection
Be prepared for your online shopping experience and make sure your computer batter is fully charged! Don’t forget that good internet connection is key in snagging those last minute deals. I reccommend the MacBook Pro with the latest-generation Intel processor. It’s the best to quickly search the web for your specific needs.

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4. Caffeinated Beverage
This tool is imperative to staying alert while online. Grab a Coke or coffee before starting your online shopping to ensure you don’t miss any last minute sales. Visit a local coffee shop for the perfect online environment to get you in the mood.

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5. Credit Card
Last but not least, have your credit card ready at all times! You never want to miss out on a great deal.

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Thanks to Kendall Donohue from Miami University for this post!