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    Drawing 101: What you need to get started

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    Whether it’s for 10 minutes or a few hours, one of the most relaxing and fun activities to me is, drawing! It is so enjoyable to see your creative imagination come to life on paper! You don’t even need to be a professional or a very gifted drawer to do it. Here’s what you need:

    1. Paper or Another Surface To Draw On

    Be it white copy paper, a sketch pad, on top of your English notes, or pages of a novel you didn’t like, all of these can be sources to express your artwork and doodles on.

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    2. A Drawing Utensil
    Depending on how bold you are, the thickness of the lines you are going to use or maybe just whatever you have around you, you’ll need a tool to produce art. I have found some of my most favorite pieces and doodles have been with both graphite pencils from a brand called General Kimberly and Sharpies!

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    3. Erase With Grace
    One thing that is almost inevitable when using graphite, or anything non-permanent, is that you will mess up and need to erase. So whenever I have pencil in hand you can always trust I have some sort of eraser in the other! My favorite eraser is called a Faber-Castell kneaded eraser, that sticks any trace of graphite to it making it seem as though you never messed up in the

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    4. Rule It Out
    This tool is not a must have every time you’re drawing but it is always pretty helpful to have a ruler on hand to map things out evenly. I find it most helpful when sketching with lines and shapes or even when making dimensions correct when drawing bigger!

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    5. Add Some Color
    Black and white drawings tend to look flat and static so every once in awhile I find myself wanting to add some color with colored pencils. My favorite type are a brand called PrismaColor Colored Pencils. They have such a large variety of high quality colored pencils that will leave your drawing bold and beautiful!

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    Thanks to Christina Guidry from University of California, Davis for this creative post!


    Top 5 Essentials for a Good Run

    1. A Good Pair of Running Shoes

    Running Shoes are obviously the most important part of your run. They are the foundation for workout and in many cases one of the only objects that prevents you from getting injured. I recommend the Nike Free as an optimal running shoe. The Nike Free comes in many styles and colors to cater to the broad taste of runners everywhere. However no matter what style or color, each running shoe has a balance of comfort, support, and weightlessness. They’re perfect shoe to help you stay fit and feel good doing it.

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    2. Spotify Playlist
    Many people say that running is defined by the concept of “mind over matter; if you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter.” However, I would have to say that running is defined by the music you have to motivate you. Having the ideal playlist is extremely important, especially when running long distance. You want a playlist that has songs with the same tempo, but also songs you like so that you aren’t skipping every other song. I have come to find that Spotify has thousands of “Workout Playlists” for any and all runners. They compile songs that are upbeat to promote a lively workout but are generally the same tempo so your workout has consistency. Spotify understands the importance of working out and the way a great playlist can make a good workout that much better.

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    3. A Sturdy and Reliable Water Bottle
    Staying hydrated during your run is an important component to maintaining your endurance and health while running. Camelbak makes a series of products that are perfect to accompany you on your run. Each product is equipped with a straw and a rubber piece to bite that makes drinking much easier while you’re running. They make water bottles that are easy to carry but also make small backpacks that are equipped with water bottles in them for even more convenience. Camelbak products are perfect for every runner and make staying hydrated easy.

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    4. Good Quality Athletic Top
    A reliable and good quality running top can make all the difference in your run. Cotton shirts tend to hold in sweat and can make any run unbearable. I recommend Lululemon,Nike, or Athleta tops. The tops are comfortable, flattering, and lightweight. They are the perfect tops to give you a confident and comfortable workout. Available in a variety of colors and styles, there are tops for everyone. Some have built in sports bras for extra support while others are looser for a more relaxed feel; these companies make a top for every woman on the run.

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    5. Fitbit
    Depending on what type of runner you are, you may be concerned with different aspects of your work out. The Fitbit is the perfect tool to help you track the different stages of your run. Connecting to your iPhone through Bluetooth, the Fitbit can track your steps, distance, heart rate and many other components of your workout to give you a full summary of how hard your body is working and what you’re accomplishing from your run.

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    Thanks to Madison Phin from Miami University for this post!


    5 Essentials Tools for Online Shopping

    There are 5 critical things you need to prepare yourself before diving into the digital world of online shopping. These 5 things will help you stay focused and allows you find exactly what you are looking for in the shortest amount of time and at the right price.

    1. Slice
    An app that automatically picks up tracking numbers in your email whenever you buy something. The app alerts you when a price has dropped after you bought something and will help you refund your purchase. It also tells you when anything you’ve bough is recalled to keep you safe. Finally it allows for easy access to your receipts in case you want to return a purchase.

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    2. PriceGrabber
    PriceGrabber is one example of many of an app that lets you search online stores for deals and lets you compare prices of similar products. This app will ensure that you are finding the least expensive option. It’s simple and easy!

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    3. A full battery and good internet connection
    Be prepared for your online shopping experience and make sure your computer batter is fully charged! Don’t forget that good internet connection is key in snagging those last minute deals. I reccommend the MacBook Pro with the latest-generation Intel processor. It’s the best to quickly search the web for your specific needs.

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    4. Caffeinated Beverage
    This tool is imperative to staying alert while online. Grab a Coke or coffee before starting your online shopping to ensure you don’t miss any last minute sales. Visit a local coffee shop for the perfect online environment to get you in the mood.

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    5. Credit Card
    Last but not least, have your credit card ready at all times! You never want to miss out on a great deal.

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    Thanks to Kendall Donohue from Miami University for this post!


    Meet Christina– Fall 2015 VIP



    UC Davis, Class of 2016


    What are the Top 5 things on your “bucket list”?

    1. Travel to Thailand, New Zealand, & Australia
    2. Take a road trip across the country with my best friends
    3. Attend a Twenty One Pilots concert
    4. Become a firefighter
    5. Meet the Dalai Lama

    Favorite recently read book/article/blog?

    • Kite Runner

    Last meal on your last day on Earth?

    • Chipotle Burrito

    Top 5 favorite brands?

    • Nike
    • Vans
    • RVCA
    • Obey
    • RayBan

    You in 7 words:

    • unique, comic, adventurous, lover, loyal, athletic, rad

    Do You Know Duke?

    Duke at a Glance

     Our Duke University VIP Gives some School Insight


    Duke Infographic

    Thanks to Julia Kahky for this great infographic.


    Hot In Here: 5 Items You Need for a Perfect Hot Yoga Session

    Hot In Here: 5 Items You Need for a Perfect Hot Yoga Session

     Our George Washington University yogi shares her must-haves for Hot Yoga.

    I love to unwind from a stressful day or start a new day with hot yoga. I think it’s the best way kill two birds with one stone: de-stressing and fitting in a killer workout. But, practicing vinyasa flows in a 100-degree studio is a harder workout than you may realize, so here are 5 items that ensure a superiorly Zen hot-yoga experience:

    1. Lululemon 

    (Don’t fight it, the reputation is deserved!) The most stylish and top-notch quality. A pair of Lululemon leggings allow me to sweat comfortably in style. Trendy + quality = stylish yogi.

    Lululemon Leggings

    2. Manduka Yoga Mat 

    Although these mats are a little pricy, they are definitely worth every dollar. Manduka mats (especially the PRO versions) allow me to go through various poses without slipping as I sweat.

    Manduka Mats

    3. Yogitoes Yoga Towels 
    It may seem like these products are unnecessary, but trust me, these will help to elevate your practice. The Yogitoes yoga mat towels help to absorb sweat and enhance your grip on the mat.

    Yogitoes Yoga Towels

    :4. Nékter Juice Bar

    Pre or post hot yoga session, I like having one of Nékter’s green juice smoothies or açai bowls. They have endless options available. They’re the perfect healthy snack to keep you nourished without feeling weighed down after yoga. My all time favorites are the chocolate dream smoothie, the greenie juice, and acai-banana berry bowl. Pro-tip: They deliver!

    Nékter’s acai-banana berry bowl (Photo from Yelp)

    5. CamelBak Water Bottle

    You’ll be amazed (and a little disturbed) by the amount of sweating you do in a hot yoga session. Sweating = dehydration = thirst. So, to quench the thirst during practice, I like to bring my CamelBak water bottle.  With its easily accessible straw, all I need to do is flip and sip –without tilting the bottle. Bonus: it’s fun and spill-proof!

    Camelbak Water Bottles


    Thanks to Katherine Ahn, our awesome intern, yogi extraordinare at George Washington University, for this great post! 




    #TBT: A Retrospective from an Ohio State Student

    College Life: Then & Now

     From computers and smartphones, to fashion and parties, college has changed incredibly  from the time our parents were in school.

    Around Campus


    Picture this, the quad filled with students, some walk to class, others throw a frisbee with a boombox playing the latest Queen song, an abundance of conversation and noise. The girls wear high-waisted shorts and jeans with feathered hair while the guys, also wearing high waisted jeans, lounge around and admire from afar.


    Image source:


    The quad is now silent, students walk alone, most on their iPhones or listening to their iPods. No audible music is heard and the number of those actually socializing and being active dwindles. Today students are enveloped with their technology, communicating through texts and emails on their way to class. In their free time they are home, catching up on Netflix or sleep. While in the warmer months there is more activity on the quad, it’s still less than it once was.

    image from




    Have I mentioned high-wasted everything? Our parent’s generation was all about the high waisted pant/trouser and tucked in shirt combo, not to mention an array of brightly colored workout gear. Combine that with geometric shapes, crazy earrings and big, feathered hair and you have the nightmare that was 80’s fashion.

    Image from


    I  jokingly refer to my generation as the “Yoga Pant Generation.” If you walk college campuses today you’ll see girls with black yoga pants, sweatshirts, and nike tennis shoes. The boys wear loose fitting jeans with their college tees. Its all very casual and “roll-out-of-bed” chic with most students opting for athletic wear. High-waisted shorts have started making a comeback with  girls on campus. Meanwhile the boys don their pastel colored shorts and polos with their sperry topsiders, because apparently everyone owns a boat in college now.

    Image from



    Students daydream and scribble in their notebooks as their professors drone on about whatever topic is scheduled for lecture that day. The smart kids sit and write furiously in their notebooks, being sure to catch everything the professor says and writes. Guys draw caricatures in their notebooks and girls fawn over the dreamy guy in the second row while giggling to their neighbor.

    Image from


    Students sit on their laptops pretending to take notes while secretly iMessaging their friend one row in front of them. You hardly hear what the professor is saying because the article about the Kardashians is far more interesting and you know you can get the notes from a friend or the online portal that your school uses for classwork. Sometimes you don’t even go to class because you know the notes are all online and what’s the point in going if you already have notes?


    Image from

    Thanks to Caitlyn Shaughnessy, our intern-delux at the Ohio State University ( and in the office at UQ Marketing) for this awesome post! 




    ClusterFlunk- Helping You Out of an Academic Jam

    Clusterflunk: Encouraging Cyber Class Collaboration

                A new year at the University of Iowa always brings many new changes and opportunities for students on campus. From new restaurants to sample to new student organizations to join, one thing is for sure: Hawkeyes love trying new things. Things don’t always stick, so when something does there is a good possibility that the trend will soon spread beyond Iowa’s campus.

                One prime example is ClusterFlunk, an up-and-coming social network for studying, designed to help you and your friends avoid “cluster flunking” your classes. The purpose of the site is to help students connect and collaborate with other students in their classes at the university. Students log in using their school email address and upload their class schedule. They then have access to any notes and information students in the same classes have shared as well as a convenient place to interact with their classmates. The site was created by University of Iowa students, AJ Nelson and Joe Dallago who wanted to create a site that would help them get class information quickly during exam week or during times that they couldn’t contact their TA’s or Professors.

    Image from ClusterFlunk Facebook

    Although Clusterflunk is a great resource and has become very popular across campus, it leaves room for academic integrity concerns. Because the website allows students to post content like lecture notes or study guides, there are some rules that should be followed while navigating the site so that students don’t find themselves crossing the line between collaboration and cheating. Here are some dos and don’ts for “ClusterFlunking”:

    DO- Check with each professor about their thoughts and policies on the use of Clusterflunk within their class. Some professors strongly discourage using the site while others actually use it themselves to monitor posts or to update class information. In the end, it doesn’t hurt to ask and can save you potential heartache.

    DON’T- Post entire papers or tests that others can plagiarize or steal. Instead, post study guides, questions, or homework help that can truly help you and others learn and collaborate. This is the easiest and simplest way to avoid cheating and to get that A.

    DO- Spread the word about the site! The more students who join the site and enroll in the classes, the more effective the site will be.

    DON’T- Use the site as an excuse to skip class or not do the work yourself because you think someone else will post the notes for the lecture you missed every day. The site isn’t meant to make students lazier, just more resourceful.


    Image from ClusterFlunk Instagram

    So the next time you find yourself scrambling to study for finals or have a quick question about that upcoming paper… consider ClusterFlunk among the resources available to you. The site has already spread to 15 other campuses beyond the University of Iowa so you surely won’t be alone. Happy ClusterFlunking!

    Check out ClusterFlunk and see if your campus has caught on:

    Thanks to Madeline Jacqua, our VIP at the University of Iowa for this awesome post! 




    Colorful Chairs Mean Spring

    University of Wisconsin- Madison: Sun Returns to The Terrace

    The University of Wisconsin is famous for a few things. Football, for one, is a massive part of our culture and school spirit. Being located in our state’s capital has many advantages and special opportunities as well. But one of the more hidden gems known by students attending the University of Wisconsin is the famous Memorial Union Terrace on Lake Mendota.

    Even the seating at the terrace is famous- the colorful, uniquely shaped chairs seem to be on the bucket list of souvenirs for graduating students. Not to mention the culture of the area itself- being a part of Memorial Union means lots of food options, including some Wisconsin classics like the best brats and cheese curds on campus. Not to mention the famous specialty Babcock ice cream that is only available on campus! The mix of the wonderful and decadent classics of the Wisconsin menu is enough to send any student running toward Memorial Union.

    Students, faculty, and alumni gather in herds on bright and sunny days to admire the view, and of course these delicious treats, on the Terrace.

    Speaking of the view, the beautiful panorama calls to professional photographers and iPhone camera users alike. A typical day spent studying, hanging out, or just enjoying the view of the terrace involves the sound of cameras clicking away. Sometimes, it’s not unusual to see engagement or wedding photos taken in the classic terrace chairs or with Lake Mendota’s beautiful scene behind it. Littered with beautiful sailboats, canoes, and students enjoying the docks and water, this view is definitely enough to make anyone smile.

    (Photo by Bryce Richter / UW-Madison)

    (Photo by Bryce Richter / UW-Madison)


    The Terrace isn’t just used for amazing food, ice cream, a hangout and study spot, or a photo op, however. It is also the host of many music events and cinema showings. So along with the food and the view, concerts of small bands can accompany the comfortable and classic ambience of the Terrace. So while you enjoy your brat and Babcock ice cream in between classes on a sunny day, you can expect there to be a band playing their latest ‘garage-born’ hit that you can bob your head to. The display of these small bands is something that makes the Terrace so unique- a way for students to showcase their talents in a place that surrounds them with their fellow Badgers, past and present.

    All in all, the Terrace is a classic at the University of Wisconsin Madison. Whether you stop by to study, meet with friends, listen to a concert or just grab a bite, the Terrace welcomes all, and is always worth the visit.

    Thanks to Megan “Meggie” Layer, University of Wisconsin Spring 2014 VIP intern for this awesome post! 




    SAT: A College Tradition, Like it or Not

    College Admissions Test Makes a Change… Again

    For Tradition Thursday, we’re going to focus on something a little different. The SAT is a tradition that the admissions department of almost every American University has shared. This month, the College Board announced that big changes are coming for the old-school test.

    Students study hard for the SAT and ACT photo: @allthatjasss

    Students study hard for the SAT and ACT
    photo: @allthatjasss

    Beginning in 2016, the test will return to a 1600-point scale, the essay section will be optional, and test-takers will not be penalized for incorrect answers.  The notorious vocabulary section will be revised and updated to words in more common usage. For the first time ever, SAT takers will have the option to take the test on a computer.

    History of the SAT

    So how did the SAT become a factor for college entrance and where did the test come from?

    Before the SAT, college’s each hosted their own entrance exams. The questions varied wildly and the knowledge required to master the exams was heavily contingent on the professor’s interests and the high-school from which the student was graduating.

    The military developed the test that would become the SAT during WWI. The “Alpha Test” was developed to help the Army make quick placement decisions for large numbers of recruits.  The test was designed in a way to reduce bias among people from different socioeconomic backgrounds.  Many would argue that with advances in SAT prep, tutoring, and disparities in public education, the test has become significantly less democratic since it’s inception.

    In 1926 the Scholastic Aptitude Test, an evolution of the Army’s Alpha exam, was given to a group of college hopefuls. 8,000 students took the test, and only 40% were female. The population skewed highly Northeastern—with most students trying to gain entry to Ivy League universities like Smith College and Yale. The Test has been amended countless times since then and the new changes will be implemented on the 2016 version.

    The controversy of standardized testing has a robust history. Critics argue that the tests don’t take a student’s full intelligence into account, or that the tests are culturally or economically biased; while admissions counselors argue that they need some way to sort through the thousands of applications they receive each year. While many schools have switched to the ACT, as a more accurate predictor of student’s future college performance, the SAT is alive and well. And rolling with the times.


    Fire It Up

    University of Tennessee Illuminates the Future for Freshman

    The University of Tennessee has numerous beloved traditions that students and alumnae hold dear to their hearts. One of those traditions is the candlelight ceremony called Torch Night, which originated in 1925 with the freshman class.  It has continued every fall since then as a tradition among the freshman.

    photo credit:

    photo credit:

    Torch Night is held the first week of fall semester to officially declare the new freshmen as part of the student body.  Thousands of students gather in the Thompson-Boling Arena on the first Friday night of the school year and seniors pass the “torch of preparation” to the new students by giving them a lit candle.

    The chancellor of the university and administration lead the ceremony by talking to the nervous new students and encouraging them that the next few years at the University of Tennessee will be some of the best years of their lives.  Chancellor Jimmy Cheek gives advice to students to encourage them to focus on their academics, but also to enjoy the experiences that the university has to offer by joining clubs, pursuing internships, and studying abroad.

    A single lit candle starts from the seniors and is then passed along to each student lighting each candle one by one.  As the seniors pass on light to the new students’ candles, the chancellor leads the students in a pledge of loyalty to the university.  The booming sound echoes throughout the room asking, “Do you pledge to serve the university and society?”  Roughly 4,000 freshmen respond with a triumphant, “I do.”

    A new tradition was added to the class of 2014’s Torch Night; each chair inside the arena contained a sealed envelope with a tassel inside. Chancellor Cheek adds to the ceremony that he looks forward to seeing each and every student walking across the stage wearing that same tassel at graduation, and he wants them to remember the night that they got it.

    photo credit:

    photo credit:

    The students then leave the arena in silence, carrying their lit candles along their first “Vol Walk” from Thompson-Boling Arena, down Volunteer Boulevard, and into Neyland Stadium. The students have the pleasure of running onto the field surrounded by the University of Tennessee’s marching band, Pride of the Southland, playing traditional university songs like Rocky Top.  To finish off the magical night, students pose for a class picture in the shape of the “Power T” directly centered over the 50-yard line.  This tradition is a great part of the University of Tennessee because it gets every student excited for his or her college career and is a memory he or she will carry the rest of their lives, especially when looking back on their college years.

    Special thanks to Ellie Gaffney, University of Tennessee Knoxville student and Spring Semester UQ VIP intern, for this post. 



    Let the Good Times Roll

    Rolling the Quad: the Symbol of Wake Forest Pride, Spirit and Unity

    Wake Forest University’s dedicated and enthusiastic students pride themselves on tradition. Since the university’s move from Wake Forest, North Carolina to Winston-Salem in 1956, students have been creating traditions to make the new campus location their own. One of the most important and distinctive traditions includes “rolling the quad.” It began in 1961 when students found a way to celebrate amazing athletic victories: “TP-ing” Hearn Plaza.



    After a few years of throwing toilet paper into the trees of Hearn Plaza, also referred to as the upper quad, the trend quickly became a tradition.  Alumni would return to campus for Homecoming and Parents Weekend, with hopes of winning a football or basketball game, the most popular reason to roll the quad. One of the biggest “quad rollings” was in 2006 when Wake Forest beat Georgia Tech for the ACC football championship. Hundreds of students, faculty and alumni dashed from BB&T Field to Hearn Plaza to celebrate their victory. I remember my first time rolling the quad when Wake Forest beat the UNC Tarheels the fall of my freshman year. It was an absolutely overwhelming feeling, a feeling that only Demon Deacons can truly understand.


    Though athletic victories have been the most popular reason to roll the quad, the act has expanded to cultural, political and academic events as well. For example, students rolled the quad after the 2000 Presidential Debate between George W. Bush and Al Gore that took place in Wake Forest’s very own Wait Chapel. Members of both political parties joined together in this monumental event in the school’s history to express their school pride. In addition, students rolled the quad after our math club won the Mathematical Contest in Modeling, a competitive international math contest, in 2000, 2001 and 2002.



    Wake Forest is a very eco-friendly university; however, sustainability often comes into question. Concerns about throwing streamers and toilet paper into trees are often discussed among prospective families and those outside the community. Our defense includes the fact that the toilet paper on campus is biodegradable, but this defense is not needed when one considers the main reasons for rolling the quad. It is more than “trashing” Hearn Plaza. It symbolizes everything that embodies Wake Forest University: pride, spirit and unity. The excitement of winning sports games, hosting a presidential debate, or representing Wake Forest on national and international levels ignites our passion for our school and helps us remember why we are Demon Deacons. Rolling the quad demonstrates our uniqueness and allows us to come together as a student body to express our school spirit. Some of Wake Forest’s more intense fans dorm storm while screaming “Roll the quad! Go Deacs!” Rolling the quad is the best tradition that represents Wake Forest University, and it will continue for many generations to come!


    Special thanks to Emily Kalis, Wake Forest University Class of 2016, and Spring Semester UQ VIP intern for this post. 



    5 Apps for Surviving Finals Week

    Finals week is rough; consisting of staying up late, consuming massive amounts of caffeine, and for many, re-learning a semester’s worth of material in less than a week.  

    Fear no more…..we have found 5 great apps that will help you sail through finals week with ease.

    1. Margins: This is an app dedicated to organizing your hand written notes.  Margins takes your notes and then automatically organizes them by book and page number; it even allows you to search through your notes for key words.  Forget why a passage was important?  Well, that’s not an issue because now you can insert comments right in your digital notes to help enhance your memory after a long study session.
    2. Cram: This is an app that allows you to review all of your materials by using digital flashcards and pre-made quizzes.  Once you’ve reviewed the flashcards you then are given the option to take a variety of pre-made quizzes to test your retention levels.  After you’ve completed the quizzes Cram will grade and record your test performance so you can track your progress.
    3. Study Checker: This is an app for someone who gets sidetracked easily or tends to procrastinate.  Study Checker tracks the amount of time you’ve spent surfing the internet, talking/texting, and actually studying; so you can make sure that you are getting in quality study time.
    4. GPS for the Soul:  This is an app dedicated to helping you relax during stressful times.  You simply need to download the app, place your finger over your phone camera, and GPS for the Soul will measure your heart rate.  From your heart rate this app can measure your stress level and then offer you options to relieve that stress from photos of your loved ones, soothing music, poetry, and breathing exercises.
    5. Starbucks iPhone: This is an app to help when you need a little extra boost!  Starbucks iPhone will allow you to get directions to the nearest store, search amenities (like free wifi) and store hours, explore the menu, review nutritional facts, receive special offers, and pay for coffee electronically with your Starbucks card.

    #UQknowscollege Knows Spring Break

    Our Virtual Interns from across the country are in the midst of Spring Break season. We’re loving the photos they’re sharing from their trips (from beaches, to alternative Spring Breaks, to traveling abroad), so we wanted to share our favorites so far:

    uq knows college spring break copyWant to share your favorite pics from Spring Break? We want to see them! Be sure to share your favorite photos with us by hash tagging #UQknowscollege on Instagram and Twitter.



    Students <3 College #universitychat

    This week UQ hosted our first #universitychat of the semester.  We talked with college students across the country about why they love their universities and what makes them unique.  The biggest thing we took away from this discussion is that students are extremely passionate about their universities and love to share why!

    We wanted to find out what criteria students look at when deciding where to spend their college years. According to a study done at UCLA, almost 64% of students attend a college because of its academic reputation.  While academics are very important, campus culture and fit proved to be important to our students as well.  Our chat revealed that academic rigor, location, and school pride seem to be why students choose a particular university.

    When asked what three words best describe their school, fun was the overwhelming favorite.  However, a close second were words relating to academics – scholarly, rigorous, challenging, and engaging.  The popularity of these two words shows how students view their school culture, in essence “work hard, play hard” (a motto at UQ as well!).

    Many schools use this motto to combine academics and fun into interesting classes.  We asked our students what the best class at their universities were and received a wide range of responses.  African Drumming, Harry Potter English, Chinese Folk Dancing, and Defense Against the Dark Arts were all thrown out as interesting classes.

    Spring semester is an exciting time as the ice melts and summer approaches.  Our students told us that spring is filled with huge events that keep the campus unified and active.  Some of these events that were popular across most campuses include St. Patrick’s Day, Greek Week, Fests, and Fraternity Formals.  Each university also had unique events that are popular.  Columbia University hosts Bacchanal, a free spring concert on the steps (artists that have performed in past years include Snoop Dogg, Wiz Khalifa, Vampire Weekend, and Kanye West).  University of Virginia students head to Foxfieds, a horse race where students dress up and tailgate.  Spring break is also part of the quintessential college experience.  Popular destinations include ones you’d expect like Panama City Beach, Miami, and Cancun, and some surprises (Gulf Shores, AL).

    We really enjoyed learning about our students love for their universities and what makes them unique and special!  Our students even gave us some insider facts about their schools!

    Did you know?

    • Ohio University is the 13th most haunted place in the world.
    • University of Maryland’s buses don’t start running until 5:30 PM so students always have to walk to class!
    • University of Georgia’s mascot was the Goats before turning into the Dawgs
    • Parts of the movie Ides of March were filmed on Miami University’s campus (we wouldn’t mind seeing Georgia Clooney and Ryan Gosling on the walk to class).
    • Secret societies are abundant at University of Virginia; they have the second most in the nation!

    Thanks to all of the students who joined us for #universitychat this week! Next university chat is this Tuesday, February 12 at 9pm EST on twitter. To join follow the hashtag #universitychat.