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    Do You Know Duke?

    Duke at a Glance

     Our Duke University VIP Gives some School Insight


    Duke Infographic

    Thanks to Julia Kahky for this great infographic.


    Report: Friends are strongest influence over purchasing decisions

    According to a new report published by Forrester, 70% of consumers trust brand or product recommendations from friends and family compared to only 10% who trust advertisements.

    Consumers also appreciate authentic and honest reviews of products by third-party sources.  Personalized messages about specific products now trump generic advertisements meant to appeal to mass markets.

    In a society that is constantly evolving to find a more efficient, advanced solution to every problem we have, it seems that marketing methods are taking an opposite approach and reverting back to grassroots efforts. Old school word of mouth works.


    Word-of-mouth marketing proves to be the most influential way to spread your brand message; this is especially true among college students. College students are often times making their own purchasing decisions for the first time in their adult lives, without the help from mom and dad. They are living in close quarters and are likely to turn to their friends for approval. Great marketing plans are versatile, but marketers should not discount the influence of good-old word of mouth when planning their next campaign. Every activity you do, whether it be print, social, video – should be working towards making sharing your brand easy and rewarding.

    Need some inspiration? Check out how Pepsi Max is creating content that their target market will want to share.