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Hot In Here: 5 Items You Need for a Perfect Hot Yoga Session

Hot In Here: 5 Items You Need for a Perfect Hot Yoga Session

 Our George Washington University yogi shares her must-haves for Hot Yoga.

I love to unwind from a stressful day or start a new day with hot yoga. I think it’s the best way kill two birds with one stone: de-stressing and fitting in a killer workout. But, practicing vinyasa flows in a 100-degree studio is a harder workout than you may realize, so here are 5 items that ensure a superiorly Zen hot-yoga experience:

1. Lululemon 

(Don’t fight it, the reputation is deserved!) The most stylish and top-notch quality. A pair of Lululemon leggings allow me to sweat comfortably in style. Trendy + quality = stylish yogi.

Lululemon Leggings

2. Manduka Yoga Mat 

Although these mats are a little pricy, they are definitely worth every dollar. Manduka mats (especially the PRO versions) allow me to go through various poses without slipping as I sweat.

Manduka Mats

3. Yogitoes Yoga Towels 
It may seem like these products are unnecessary, but trust me, these will help to elevate your practice. The Yogitoes yoga mat towels help to absorb sweat and enhance your grip on the mat.

Yogitoes Yoga Towels

:4. Nékter Juice Bar

Pre or post hot yoga session, I like having one of Nékter’s green juice smoothies or açai bowls. They have endless options available. They’re the perfect healthy snack to keep you nourished without feeling weighed down after yoga. My all time favorites are the chocolate dream smoothie, the greenie juice, and acai-banana berry bowl. Pro-tip: They deliver!

Nékter’s acai-banana berry bowl (Photo from Yelp)

5. CamelBak Water Bottle

You’ll be amazed (and a little disturbed) by the amount of sweating you do in a hot yoga session. Sweating = dehydration = thirst. So, to quench the thirst during practice, I like to bring my CamelBak water bottle.  With its easily accessible straw, all I need to do is flip and sip –without tilting the bottle. Bonus: it’s fun and spill-proof!

Camelbak Water Bottles


Thanks to Katherine Ahn, our awesome intern, yogi extraordinare at George Washington University, for this great post!