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Students <3 College #universitychat

This week UQ hosted our first #universitychat of the semester.  We talked with college students across the country about why they love their universities and what makes them unique.  The biggest thing we took away from this discussion is that students are extremely passionate about their universities and love to share why!

We wanted to find out what criteria students look at when deciding where to spend their college years. According to a study done at UCLA, almost 64% of students attend a college because of its academic reputation.  While academics are very important, campus culture and fit proved to be important to our students as well.  Our chat revealed that academic rigor, location, and school pride seem to be why students choose a particular university.

When asked what three words best describe their school, fun was the overwhelming favorite.  However, a close second were words relating to academics – scholarly, rigorous, challenging, and engaging.  The popularity of these two words shows how students view their school culture, in essence “work hard, play hard” (a motto at UQ as well!).

Many schools use this motto to combine academics and fun into interesting classes.  We asked our students what the best class at their universities were and received a wide range of responses.  African Drumming, Harry Potter English, Chinese Folk Dancing, and Defense Against the Dark Arts were all thrown out as interesting classes.

Spring semester is an exciting time as the ice melts and summer approaches.  Our students told us that spring is filled with huge events that keep the campus unified and active.  Some of these events that were popular across most campuses include St. Patrick’s Day, Greek Week, Fests, and Fraternity Formals.  Each university also had unique events that are popular.  Columbia University hosts Bacchanal, a free spring concert on the steps (artists that have performed in past years include Snoop Dogg, Wiz Khalifa, Vampire Weekend, and Kanye West).  University of Virginia students head to Foxfieds, a horse race where students dress up and tailgate.  Spring break is also part of the quintessential college experience.  Popular destinations include ones you’d expect like Panama City Beach, Miami, and Cancun, and some surprises (Gulf Shores, AL).

We really enjoyed learning about our students love for their universities and what makes them unique and special!  Our students even gave us some insider facts about their schools!

Did you know?

  • Ohio University is the 13th most haunted place in the world.
  • University of Maryland’s buses don’t start running until 5:30 PM so students always have to walk to class!
  • University of Georgia’s mascot was the Goats before turning into the Dawgs
  • Parts of the movie Ides of March were filmed on Miami University’s campus (we wouldn’t mind seeing Georgia Clooney and Ryan Gosling on the walk to class).
  • Secret societies are abundant at University of Virginia; they have the second most in the nation!

Thanks to all of the students who joined us for #universitychat this week! Next university chat is this Tuesday, February 12 at 9pm EST on twitter. To join follow the hashtag #universitychat.